The Urchin Club

Are you a…
i)             Past (premiership?) player of The Black Rock Football Club?
ii)            Past or present family member of The Black Rock Football Club?
iii)           Past or present supporter of the Black Rock Football Club?

As the committee continues to work hard behind the scenes Kevin ‘KH’ Handley, Leo O’Keefe & Myself, Nick ‘Burger’ Macmillan have decided to start an “Old Rocker’s” BRFC past players club, the club will be known as ‘THE URCHIN CLUB’ (our original BRFC logo when founded in 1908). As we all know the level of history & support for The Rockers runs quite deep & through many generations & families but (due to various circumstances) we don’t get to see enough of our proud history down at McDonald reserve throughout the season, or supporting the club.

As I’m sure you can imagine running a football club is not easy & requires support on all levels, especially a financial one, our aim is to raise funds for the club as well as keep in contact with a few functions throughout the year, both at the club/ match days, club functions & informal dinners. The club is also planning to start BRFC Legends Club, stay tuned for further updates..

The aim along with raising funds is also to keep in touch with people that have become estranged with their beloved Rockers & keep you up to date with current news & results, with modern technology you can still keep one eye on the mighty Rockers, from wherever you may now reside.

Single    – Annual membership $250
(1 Person @ 2x Home game luncheon (drinks & nibbles) during seniors half time- end of game)

Family    – Annual membership $350
(2 people @ 2x Home game luncheon (drinks & nibbles) during seniors half time- end of game)

Business – Annual membership/ Sponsorship $500
(2 people @ 2x Home game luncheon (drinks & nibbles) during seniors half time- end of game. Also includes advertising your business on ‘Sponsors TV’, advertising on club newsletter mail out to our database of 500+ each month) Tax invoice provided.

Membership needs to be paid in full by Rd 1 April 14th 2012, (after this initial year we would be aiming for payment between Nov- March , part payments are quite ok (= 5 moths @ $50 per month).It works out to be $5 a week for single ( the equivalent to a pot a week these days!!) There will also be ‘URCHIN CLUB’ Jackets & Polo’s made with individual names, but we need to get an idea of numbers before these can be ordered, the 1st 50 members joined & paid will go into the draw to win 5x Urchin club package valued at $100,  there will also be random Urchin Club draws at selected home games.. These will be detailed in club newsletters

The URCHIN CLUB will also have a say in where funds raised are distributed, so you know where your supporting funds will be heading E.g. New training gear, Set of jumpers, upgrading members/ playing facilities, Brendan Fevola for a season?? Etc…

***As many people have moved from the area & changed details etc. 

To get in contact with any past players, members  or family that falls into the category &  get everyone on board for the upcoming season.

If you could please confirm your interest in joining to myself (or one of the below) by end of March, that would be greatly appreciated, any inquiries can also be directed to any of the below… 


Other current/former members of the Mighty Rockers – 100 years strong!!

Nick ‘Burger’ Macmillan    E:                  Mob: 0419 140 476
Kevin Handley                 E:         Mob: 0412 294 929
Leo O’Keefe                    E:              Mob:  0402 353 127

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