Woodford Sport Science Has Jets Back In Air

Thanks to ex-Black Rock footballer Christian Woodford, some of our wounded Jets are back on track and ready to hit 2017 fitter and stronger than ever.

Tom Dewar hasn’t set foot on the field since suffering an ACL injury mid-2015. He remained involved as a match day Assistant during the 2015 premiership and the 2016 season and is hungry to get back on the field in 2017. Prior to his injury he was clearly our most damaging forward, with opposition teams unable to contain his vertical leap and ability to lose an opponent at the right time.

Thanks to the fantastic support of Woodford Sport Science Consulting in Moorabbin, Tom along with several other Jets have been participating in a Friday night course of Strength and Conditioning. Christian works with amateurs, aspiring professionals as well as noted superstars. He has worked with Olympic athletes and has notably coached Max Gawn leading up to his breakout form in the AFL.

Woodford Sport Science Consulting
41 Roberna Street Moorabbin
Moorabbin, Victoria, Australia



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