Join Us: Don't Sit on the Sidelines, Come and Play Senior Footy

John Burke - Senior Coach

Senior coach John Burke has strong opinions about the state of footy in the Bayside area.

Black Rock Football Club is looking to modernise itself to become a solid and successful club to match the current and continually rising standards of the AFL. We are looking for players and supporters to join with us and to help us to develop for the future.

The AFL’s support to achieve high standards of football skills in Junior Football Leagues has, at times, created a surplus of skilled and motivated players missing the opportunity to get on the ground and play each week. There are now powerhouse clubs with long membership lists resulting from a funnel effect created as the junior players in their own clubs reach senior level. This is coupled with the 100 to 150 players sent back by the VFL each week to their home clubs. It is inevitable that fully fit and able players are being lost to the game through frustration at missing out on match play.

Black Rock Football Club welcomes new members across all level of skills and experience. The club currently fields both Senior and Reserve sides in Division 3 of the Southern Football League.

The Club has appointed John Burke as its new Senior Coach. John has been involved in junior and senior football in the Bayside area for over ten years.

“I am concerned that while some clubs struggle for players, others have excess numbers that basically either spectate or sit in a pub on weekends when they could be playing. It seems these players are forced into retirement through too many numbers rather than their ability.

There are three powerhouse junior clubs who have done a fantastic job in developing their players and driving numbers into the game, however the funnel effect akin to an oil well occurs, in that as they rise in age beyond the junior level a spill occurs at the top and all the excess valuable resources are lost as they cannot all fit into the senior teams.

At Black Rock Football Club we want to reach out to those players and give them the opportunity to play senior football at a local club. You are a long time retired.”

John believes it is time for all involved in AFL football to consider ways to keep those players at the grassroots level motivated and committed to the game. Options could include weekly interclub transfers for certain players or establishing an extra Super competition which can draw from the excess.

“I believe all football clubs have a responsibility to provide game time to all players to keep them involved, fit and healthy.”

The AFL has led the way to instilling high levels of community standards within the game. Black Rock Football Club is proud of its legacy of building mutual respect. The club was established in 1908 and has a number of club officials who have served for over twenty years. You cannot achieve that without a maintaining a high level of community standards.

Interested In Joining the Black Rock Jets? Give senior coach John Burke a call on 0437 142 212 or show up to our next pre-season training session (see web site and social media for details).

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