Profile: Dana Torpy

Name? Dana Torpy

Nickname(s)? D Torps, Torps, D (embarrassing family ones that no one will ever find out)

3 words to describe yourself? Outspoken, positive, easy going

Favourite movie? I actually hate movies. I can’t justify wasting 2 hours of my life watching a movie. I’ll happily watch 8 seasons of Keeping Up with The Kardashians though. Quality content.

Go to karaoke song? I’ll sing literally anything. High School Musical is always a fave though.

How long have you been playing netball for? I’ve been playing since Netta, so about 13 years.

Seasons with Black Rock FNC? 1

What made you decide to play with Black Rock? I moved to Melbourne from the Sunshine Coast in QLD for Uni and I wanted to get back into playing competitive netball (had played social for a little) and make some friends down here. While playing social I met Dani and a few of the other girls and I started to play a couple of games as a fill in. I soon fell in love with the vibe at the club and wanted to be a part of it so I signed up for the 2018 season.

Favourite moment with the Jetballers? I love training sessions. We work hard, mostly because we are all trying to train while laughing. I’ve made some really awesome friendships with the girls and I am pumped for the 2019 season!

Which of your teammates is most likely to back chat the umpire? 100% Laura Brogan. She may look calm and collected but on court she’s already got a clap back before the ump blows the whistle.

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