The Jetballer’s are back in full force.

The Jetballer’s have had an outstanding pre-season, having many new and returning players working hard since mid-January.

Our coaching team of Annaliese and Rebekah Neal, a duo not to be reckoned with, have carefully planned out the pre-season training sessions with a combination of both skill and fitness-based activities. The Jetballer’s made the most of a Saturday morning’s, training from 9.30am to 11am for the past 5 weeks.

In a fun, friendly (sometimes competitive) and supportive environment, the Jetballer’s have been able to dust off the netball shoes and really make an impact towards a successful season. The Jetballer’s were kept on their toes with a variety of training sessions, whether it was court time at the Dingley netball courts, a beach session in Black Rock, or strength and conditioning training at sponsor Shedlock Training Systems.

Black Rock have entered 2 netball teams into the St Kilda City Pre-Season Netball Tournament, held on Sunday 1st March, at Peanut Farm Reserve. This will give the Jetballer’s a chance to combine the skills and key movements they have been forming over pre-season, and put into a game situation.

The Jetballer’s have now moved into more tactical elements, and are training on a Thursday night from 6.30pm – 8pm at Rowan Road, Dingley Netball Courts. This training time will continue through until the end of the season.

There is still time to join the Jetballer’s and be a part of Black Rock Football Netball Club. Please reach out to the contacts below, or follow the “contact us” tab for more information.

For more info on Shedlock Training Systems head to their website.

Dani Forward
Netball Operations
M: 0415 435 132

Andrew Ferguson
Club President
M: 0431 289 024


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