New Committee Takes Aim At 2019

Our 2019 committee was elected at the club’s AGM on October 29th. After six years on the club’s executive, Andrew Ferguson will be the club’s new President in 2019. Cooper Ferries (Football Operations) joins the executive for the first time, as outgoing President John Burke (Community Relations) makes a move to the club’s General Committee.

Bridie Halliwell (Fundraising) and Emma Thomas (Culture) join our committee for the first time, while Tegan Baxter (Social) makes a return to the fold.

The new committee have three key areas of focus over the next 12 months.

1. Membership and Participation
– Retention of current players
– Putting more support around our football coaching structure
– Less reliance on fill-ins for both football and netball
– Recruitment of Senior footballers to help drive culture and standards
– Keep older and retiring players involved in an off-field and/or part-time playing roles
– Increasing social membership levels

2. Club Culture and Identity
– Specific sub-committee in charge of playing group culture
– Get all members attending games in club colours
– Netball teams to train locally and then getting back to the club for Thursday night meals
– Increase function numbers year on year

3. Increasing Revenue
– Sponsorship (New members on board to help, dedicated Netball sponsorship co-ordinator for the first time)
– Fundraising (Dedicated sub-committee is now in place)
– Thursday Nights (Meals prepared in house and increased attendances)
– Canteen and Functions Revenue to improve year on year

2019 Club Executive

Andrew Ferguson (President)
Brenton Henry (VP/Treasurer)
Annaliese Neal (VP/Netball Operations)
Cooper Ferries (VP/Football Operations)

2019 General Committee

Emma Thomas (Culture)
Bridie Halliwell (Fundraising)
Tegan Baxter (Social)
Will Peters (Culture)
Adam Turner (Match Day Operations)
John Burke (Community Relations)
Rebekah Neal (Netball Sponsorship)
Dani Forward (Netball Coordinator)

We Still Need More Help!

Please contact the club’s executive or the committee member in charge to get involved.

Culture: Drive post match/informal gatherings and help with Thursday night games/activities.
Send through leads, help promote current sponsors or join the team driving sponsorship.
Match Days:
Team Managers/Helpers, Rafflers and Fundraisers, Scoreboard, Punters Club
Join the team or help with specific events, grants or initiatives.
Media: Match day photos and videos, web site articles and match day social media.
Social: Help with specific events or join in the overall planning of the social calendar and events.
Social Memberships and Past Players: Help drive increased levels of social membership and/or events for past players.

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