2015 Finals – Supporter Reminder

Black Rock FC Fans

This is a reminder to the Black Rock Jets family, friends & supporters that when supporting our club over the coming finals series, whether you come to every game or may only be a first time follower this finals series. Please Remember to do so with respect for all involved in the game.

This includes showing respect for the following:

– Players & coaches from both teams
– Umpires and league officials
– Other club’s supporters & families

This 2015 finals series represents a significant step in our journey of recent years and we expect all supporters to barrack hard whilst representing the club in a respectful manner. We expect all BRFC committee /current players (playing & not playing/ in the crowd ) to lead by example in this area, as your behaviour is a true reflection of the club as a whole and this is what potential recruits, league/council officials and general public will see and remember.

This is our best chance to showcase your club to thousands of people as a leader in behaviour, respect & what we stand for as a club!

The club’s committee has worked extremely hard over recent seasons to lift our profile as a whole within the wider Bayside community, but this can be undone by one person’s behaviour in a matter of minutes to which the club would be held accountable for and ultimately wear any ramifications.

Thank you in advance for your support and Go Jets!

BRFC Committee

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